App Subscriptions

Most of the good apps are switching to a subscription-based pricing. And most of them, tell you that the monthly fee is usually a coffee-to-go or something like that.

But you will start noticing that as we use more and more apps, that you are paying a ton of coffees that you are not drinking.



“I’ve been having nerve issues, and this past year it’s gotten so bad that it hurts too much for me to walk. It was completely unexpected. I’ve always been such an optimistic person, but now I’m fighting with depression. He’s doing everything he can to take my mind off of it. We’re not sure if I’m going to get better, but he’s planning a backpacking tour through Europe for when I do. And I told him that I didn’t think I could handle a visit to New York right now, but he told me that he’d push me around the whole city. And he has. And whenever I feel particularly down, he tells me that he’s not going anywhere, and how happy he is that he married me. Not long ago I had a particularly rough period, and when I was at one of my lowest moments, he asked if we could renew our vows.”

Truly amazing!

‘been reading Humans of New York for hours. Fantastic project!

On a Slower Life


New Post – On a Slower Life


We are very much products of where we’ve come from. My life is strongly colored by my upbringing. I grew up on a farm. I grew up around animals. I had trees and fields. I took bike rides and wrote in notebooks. I did not have cable television. I did not have the Internet until later in my adolescence, and even then did not have broadband connectivity until college. I grew up slower. I wasn’t…

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One of the best readings of the year. I share his passion for a slower life.